Recreation Planner of the New Generation

Join teams, find new teammates, make friends. Sporteaser makes it all simpler. Our story started with padel, which is among the favourite sports of the EpicSS crew. We realised that setting up our padel matches would be much easier if we had a specialised interactive planner. That’s how we decided to create Sporteaser, and soon we came up with numerous ideas on how we could make our new application even more useful.

Now you can choose between numerous other sports, as well as boost the competitive spirit among your teammates by creating leagues and tournaments. Check the skill level of other players to find the group that fits you. Rate every player after the game to help our algorithm connect players of the same level. We thought about everything in order to make the sports experience easier and better for the recreational athletes like you and us!



A casual football match, a recreational bike ride, or a carpool to a major sports event—you name it! Sporteaser Groups allow you to organise any of these and many more. If you are a fitness instructor, Sporteaser Groups are also a great tool for expanding your reach.

Scorekeeper Software

Sporteaser Scorekeeper Software allows you to feed all scores and advanced statistics into the app so anyone can see the changes on your tournament as they happen. You’ll simplify the communication with the existing and attract new participants!


You are a sports venue owner? Become our partner and enable the recreational sportspeople to choose your venue for their matches. Activate the book via the Sporteaser option as well, put your venue on the Sporteaser map, and attract new customers!