Gather a Football/Padel/3x3 Basketball Team in a Couple of Clicks

Casual Match

You’re bored? Stop scrolling through social media! Open Sporteaser, find open matches nearby and let the fun begin!

Search the Open Matches

Find open matches where the players are needed. Choose your favourite sport in the filters and find a nearby match perfect for you, wherever you are.

Create Your Match

Organise casual matches in a few clicks. Choose the date, time, place, and invite players. You’ll have a deal without the tedious messaging and frustration.

Find Your Opponents

There’s not enough people in your crew for two teams? Find an opposing team in seconds. Publish your match, open the applications, and meet your new rivals!

Select Your Team

Need teammates? Open the applications and gather a team in a flash! See the profile of each applicant and accept only the best ones into your team!


Tournament organisation is much easier with the Sporteaser digital assistant. Forget about manually creating schedules and missed matches!


Schedule a Tournament

Create a tournament, set the conditions, give a short description, and all the users who qualify will see your tournament among their offered matches.

Conduct a Draw

Sporteaser automatically creates the tournament draw. Save time, make the schedule available to everyone, and see a player’s potential road to the finals.

Simplify the Applications

Announce your tournament via our application, attract recreationists from all parts of the country, and centralise the application process at the same time.

Record All Results

Sporteaser guarantees fair result tracking! Our Scorekeeper software enables you to record the points of each player as well as the whole team.



This section is reserved for our partners. Contact us as soon as possible, announce your league via the Sporteaser app and attract a wider audience!

Announce Your League

Create a private league for a selected group of players or a league open for all and give it a chance to develop into an international competition!

Generate Fixtures

Schedule matches for every round of your league via Sporteaser. This will allow all the participants to always be up to date with their upcoming matches.


Track Results

Make sure you record points during every match! This way, a click on a duel will give you info about all the previous matches of the teams in question!

Create a Table

Sporteaser automatically creates and updates tables, including the performance details for every player. Points written on paper are a thing of the past!